Continuing Education: New York Basic Tung’s Orthodox Acupuncture Diploma Course – March 9-10 – Newark, NJ

Learn from the most senior Master Tung disciple!    Dr. Palden Carson, MD

When:   March 9-10, 2019

Where:  Newark, NJ | Best Western Plus Robert Treat Hotel | Reserve Your Room Today

What you will learn in this Clinical Intensive:

  • The real history of this unique school of Classical Chinese acupuncture
  • All of the essential Tung’s points and their correct locations
  • Point’s Indication
  • Master Tung’s style of Diagnosis, including Face, Palm, and Sole
  • Simple needling protocol, such as preparation, testing induction, and periosteum insertions; both in short needle & long needle situations
  • Master Tung’s Point selection principle
  • Vector effects
  • Tung’s Anatomy (based on Embryology, Neurology and Reflexology)
  • Micro-puncture (not the folk medicine bleeding method)
  • Tung’s true meridian concepts

This course is approved for 15 NCCAOM PDA’s.   

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About the instructor:

Dr. Palden Carson MD is the Founder of the World Tung’s Acupuncture Association.  He and Dr. Marian Zazula, MD., also a disciple of late Master Tung since 1972, together created the first Tung’s Acupuncture Professional organization in 2002.  These two clinical physicians: one a surgeon, the other a family physician, formed a team to promote Master Tung’s unique school of acupuncture worldwide.

Dr. Palden Carson has trained thousands of physicians, as well as other professional acupuncture practitioners in four continents over the last 47 years!   Among the 75 disciples of Master Tung, Dr. Palden Carson is the only one officially appointed by Master Tung (1916-1975) to teach Tung’s Acupuncture while he was still alive.

Cost and Registration:   

  • Full Course Fee:   $375




Email:  [email protected]
Phone:  Mr. Kam Lee (US Coordinator) (904)215-6111