Neuroscience Acupuncture Summit 2019 – April 27-28 – Kissimmee, FL



Dr. Amy Moll     |     Dr. Andy Rosenfarb    |     Dr. Clayton Shiu     |     Dr. Michael Corradino


April 27-28, 2019


Embassy Suites by Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista South – Kissimmee, FL 


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About this conference:  

This conference is dedicated to the education and empowerment of acupuncture practitioners.  In the course of two days a group of pioneers in the field of acupuncture will present scientific research, clinical studies, and acupuncture protocols that address a variety of conditions and explain the best methods of treatment for each condition.

In addition to the lecture topics listed below, there will be a Panel Discussion with Q&A with ALL speakers.





NEUROPUNCTURE: A Complete Neuroscience Acupuncture System
Presented by Dr. Michael Corradino, DAOM, MSTOM, L.Ac.

Neuropuncture is a special system of acupuncture that applies neuroscience and other Western medical sciences, to the classical TCM acupuncture model. Understanding acupuncture’s neurophysiological mechanisms and applying these findings to the Western medical diagnosis allows the practitioner to effectively develop evidence-based treatments for pain conditions, internal medicine conditions, mental health conditions, sports medicine and orthopedics. When this is done what is found is an extremely effective approach to neuromodulating and rehabilitating the nervous system.




Presented by Dr. Amy Moll, L.Ac. (OR, TX, FL), Dipl. OM (NCCAOM)

This course covers the fundamentals of a neurological examination that provide you with objective data by which to assess patient’s brain function and measure patient improvement. Regions of the brain and mechanisms of injury involved in the wide array of symptoms seen following concussion are explained.  We will discuss how to combine Chinese medicine with neurological findings to create a treatment plan and explore different systems of acupuncture in the context of concussion recovery.



Presented by Dr. Andy Rosenfarb, MTOM, ND, L.Ac.

This live session will provide practical content on both theory and clinical applications for treating common neuro-ophthalmic conditions.  The goal is to teach students how to think critically and understand the mechanisms of action when treating patients diagnosed with a variety of acute and degenerative neuro-ocular conditions.

Dr. Rosenfarb will cover 5-Wheel theorywestern anatomy and physiology, western and Chinese medical etiology, neuro-ophthalmic treatment principles and strategies for common eye diseases. He will show acupuncture points and methods that safely and effectively facilitate  neuro-regeneration of photoreceptors, reactivation of dormant retinal and optic nerve cells cell, mechanisms of ophthalmic neuroplacticty and global activation of the entire visual system.




Presented by Dr. Clayton Shiu, Ph.D., L.Ac.

Dr. Clayton Shiu will lecture on the 50 years of research which created the Xing Nao Kia Qiao system as well as demonstrate the key needle manipulation techniques which he uses to produce significant results and changes in neurovascular circulation. In addition Dr. Shiu will lecture about Bidirectional Nerve Blood flow and how they relate to acupuncture meridians.  All of Dr. Shiu’s techniques will not involve any scalp acupuncture but instead neuroscience research that validates how classical acupuncture points can affect cerebral and neurological circulation with the proper manipulation methods.