UPCOMING Continuing Education: Neuropuncture 3-Day Workshop & Cadaver Lab Featuring Dr. Michael Corradino

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3-Day Hands-On Neuropuncture Workshop & Cadaver Lab


Featuring:  Dr. Michael Corradino, L.Ac, DAOM, MTOM.

When:  January 18-20, 2020

Where:  Miami, FL |  ACUPUNCTURE AND MASSAGE COLLEGE (workshop) & MARC INSTITUTE (cadaver lab)

CEUs/PDAs:  Up to 24 CEUs/PDAs
(1-Day = 8 CEUs/PDAs  |  2-Day = 16 CEUs/PDAs  |  3-Day = 24 CEUs/PDAs)




About this Seminar:

This is the perfect opportunity to bridge your understanding of neuroscience with your clinical acupuncture practice. This 3-day hands-on Neuropuncture workshop is packed with neuroscience research and evidenced-based clinical Neuropuncture treatment prescriptions specifically focused on Mental-Emotional Health. Dr. Corradino will examine and teach the Neuropuncture Foundations including the Neuropuncture Trinity. The goal of the Neuropuncture Trinity is to give the practitioner the tools to utilize 21st-century sciences to best communicate, and understand, exactly how acupuncture provides it’s profound widespread neurophysiological effects.

The cadaver lab training will be completed at the famous MARC Institute in Miami. This is a professional medical-surgical training center. It is intellectually understood that every human body is different, however, humans do share very basic simple anatomy, especially neuroanatomical structures. There is no replacement for experiential training and observing up close and personal specific structures that we are working with every day! This is a must for any level of Neuropuncture acupuncture practitioner. Examine the human body as our TCM predecessors have, with our eyes, simple tools, and current understanding of the 21st medical sciences.


💰Special Pricing Available until December 15, 2019💰

1-Day Hands-On Neuropuncture Cadaver Lab Training 
Regular Price:  $875
Early Bird:  $800
Special Discounted Rate:  $750 (SAVE UP TO $125)


2-Day Hands-On Neuropuncture Workshop (NO cadaver lab)
Regular Price:  $750
Early Bird:  $650
Special Discounted Rate:  $600 (SAVE UP TO $150)


3-Day Hands-On Neuropuncture Cadaver Lab Training
Regular Price:  $1625
Early Bird:  $1450
Special Discounted Rate:  $1250 (SAVE UP TO $375)






About The Teacher:

Dr. Corradino graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Cum Laude, in 1995 with Masters in Traditional Oriental Medicine after studying molecular biology at Seton Hall University. Dr. Corradino has been in the field of Integrated Medicine since his graduation. While on the east coast, Dr. Corradino ran the acupuncture department for several integrated medical facilities as well as owning an acupuncture medical billing company. 

Dr. Corradino is currently a faculty member and clinical supervisor at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.  He has lectured at various professional institutions including UC Irvine School of Medicine, the Pacific Symposium, the San Diego Art Institute, SDSU, was a guest on KUSI San Diego live morning news, had a health segment on CSKeys sports talk show named “On the mic with Dr. Mike”, and is in the process of writing his first book on “Neuropuncture, a neuroscience acupuncture system”. Dr. Corradino was in the nation’s first graduating class of the Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM). This post graduate doctorate is a two and half year, integrated, clinical doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine which includes but is not limited to the study of the five main Chinese medical classics, Chinese Medical language, advanced areas of specialty, an integrated clinical internship, and a Capstone proposal in which Dr. Corradino ran a successful clinical electroacupuncture trial on Sciatica due to intervertebral disc herniation. Dr. Corradino has also studied medicine under five highly renowned and experienced doctors at two hospitals and one medical school in China. Combining all of this knowledge and through extensive research Dr. Corradino has created a new unique system of acupuncture named, Neuropuncture. Neuropuncture is an acupuncture system that incorporates neuroscience and other western medical science into its clinical applications for pain management, orthopedic conditions, and internal medicine.

Dr. Corradino’s specialties are pain management, neuromuscular conditions, internal medicine, and general well being/ longevity. Acupuncture and various types of electroacupuncture, Traditional Chinese Herbology, cupping and Tui Na (Chinese structural alignment) are his specialties. Dr. Corradino’s passion, devotion and belief in the Integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medical science contribute to his success.