Testimonial: SEIRIN® Acupuncture Needles

SEIRIN‘s polished tips and shafts provide the smoothest insertion of any needle I’ve tried.  Seirin handles are a little thicker, creating a more stable grip which gives me better control of the tip placement and depth.

In more than twenty years of practice, I’ve never had a problem with a single SEIRIN needle.  SEIRIN’s quality control is amazing.   With so many things to concentrate on during a treatment, Seirin gives me confidence that at least I don’t have to worry about needle quality.

I know it sounds like hype, but Seirin needles truly provide the most pain-free insertion process for patients and an easier needle placement process for practitioners.  I believe, both of these factors can lead to a better clinical outcome, which is what we’re all striving for.

Michael Ard-Kelly, L.Ac.
Lowcountry Natural Health Center, L.L.C.