Product in Practice :: Haci Magnetic Micro-cups

HACI Magnetic Micro-cups were originally designed for “needle-free acupuncture” that provides an extra boost to an acupuncture treatment.  They are also spectacular for use in physical and occupational therapies, along with massage therapy.

I have been using these wonderful tools for over fifteen years, and was inspired by the case studies in the book by the creator of this tool.  The incredible effect these can have for pain relief is amazing, especially in such conditions as plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, and injury recovery.  And the magnetic effect on inflammation that characterizes so many health issues is truly remarkable.

The separation of the poles is so unusual, and allows me to make a static negative charge over old injuries that still are in a positive charge and acidic state, or integrate negative with positive poles to create movement and affect the nervous system.  This placement of positive and negative poles in a line down the spine has created visible shifts in a number of people with scoliosis.

These magnets are so strong that they only need to be left in place for a short time to do their work. The negative pole creates the healthy alkaline PH and rich oxygenation of tissue, while the positive is used to stimulate the release of natural painkillers in the body.  This is wonderful for a fresh injury, to encourage a healthy PH and oxygenation along with relieving pain.

Upon injury, the nervous system will chemically shift the tissue to an acid PH and positive charge for the first phase of healing.  Full recovery does not often happen, due to most people not taking the time to let it fully mend.  It becomes a condition of chronic pain and restriction, since the body perceives that it is still injured.  For old injuries, only the negative pole will initially be used to shift the tissue to a healthy PH and negative charge.  The old injury can now be resolved without struggling against the body’s natural defenses, and chronic pain can be relieved.

I use these tools on almost all of my clients.  The amazement on their faces when the pain is diminished is priceless, and the ability to use these little powerhouses to assist with unwinding scoliosis is something I would not want to be without.

Our company has many educators who teach vacuum manual therapy classes in the US and internationally, and all our students learn about these micro-cup magnets.  Some are using them to do a powerful magnetic reflexology, while others have had success with Bell’s Palsy, amputations, PTSD, MS, and so many other conditions.

Integration of this tool into a larger synergistic treatment protocol will really “amp” up results!  Magnetic medicine is experiencing a huge rebirth in more modern medical approaches, especially with the introduction of MRIs and other magnetic diagnostic and treatment tools.  Even Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, and Massage Therapy conventions all feature new and exciting equipment based on this science.

No tool is great without the knowledge of how to use it.  HACI has an impressive little book for meridian treatments, and it also includes those stunning case studies. Wait until you see the evidence of Isles of Langerhans forming again in a diabetic patient!  There is another wonderful book that really gets to the heart of physiological effects of using magnets, and is “Magnet Therapy” by Philpott/Kalita/Lothrop.

These powerful little magnets are fast and effective to help people move through their “issues in the tissues”, and have become an invaluable asset to my practice and classes!





About the Author:

ANITA J. SHANNON is a Licensed Massage Therapist and a licensed Cosmetologist since 1983, specializing in skin care, body treatments, clinical Aromatherapy and various modalities of massage therapy. She is a national educator since 1990, appearing at numerous national Spa and Massage conventions each year, and appeared as a co-host for four years on the television show “Health Options Today” with Dr. Mitchell Ghen.

Anita is the Director of Advanced Continuing Education (ACE), an NCBTMB CE provider established in 2001, and has presented countless workshops on ACE Massage Cupping™ and MediCupping™ at international locations since developing these brands of bodywork in 2002. Anita has published six articles on this subject in Massage Today, Massage Magazine and Les Nouvelles Esthetiques, along with publishing five educational videos, and is currently writing a book on VacuTherapies™. Anita was inducted into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame in 2011.