Radical Roots :: One Mother’s Reason “Why” & The Products He Inspired

I always knew that Remy was magic, but I never dreamed he was so rare.  My son was diagnosed with a de novo genetic mutation in his syntax binding protein gene, a disorder known as STXBP1. This one nucleotide error took two and a half years of testing to find and comes with more questions than answers; it comes with global developmental delays, gross and fine motor dysfunction, moderate to severe intellectual disability and often comes with intractable seizures.  It comes with Parkinsonian like tremors, ataxia and apraxia, it comes with one heartbreak after another.

However, with that heartbreak brings incredible beauty and inspiration.  The world becomes so simple when your child needs you for every aspect of survival, when your one in thirty million child has a one in a hundred and fifty odds of dying of sudden unexpected death in epilepsy.  You give it everything you’ve got and you celebrate every single moment.

Seizures are, by far, the hardest aspect of Remy’s disorder.  Despite his seizures being well controlled without medication, when they hit they absolutely demolish both of us.  As an acupuncturist and herbalist, I started studying CBD.  I tried all of the top brands on both of us.  Some would mildly help his seizures, some would help my stress, others would help his sleep.  I was up all night messaging with other moms and reading posts about which CBD might work best and all I was finding was that there was a lot of confusion and products that claimed to be the best product for many disorders—but from years of study and clinical experience I knew herbal medicine is not one size fits all.

After spending hundreds of dollars on products that didn’t help Remy’s seizures, I knew that as an herb nerd, and as a mother, I could do better.  The day after I decided to pursue this project I walked into my clinic and Bart asked me if I wanted to collaborate on a CBD and Chinese herb line.  Over the past year we have formed a team and a product line that we could not be more proud of—with every detail being looked at as not only an herbalists but by me as the fiercest mama bear you’ll ever find.

Our hemp, most of which is grown on Pachamama Farm in Longmont, Colorado, is grown by a farmer who truly respects the plant and the earth.  Using absolutely no pesticides, herbicides or even fertilizer, Thomas rotates 8 different cover crops and flowers to potentiate the mineral content and balance the fungal and bacterial colonies.  Our Chinese herbs are sourced from Spring Wind Herbs who are known worldwide to have the most stringent testing and the cleanest Chinese herbs available.  Our hemp and herbs are processed with great care and precision using spageric formulation, an ancient alchemical extraction method that not only extracts all of the cannabinoids and terpenes but the minerals and nutrients as well, which are important cofactors to potentiate the functions of the hemp.

We have created five internal formulas, mixing potent Chinese herbs with cannabinoid rich full spectrum hemp.  These formulas focus on the most common complaints that we see as practitioners.


Rest and Relax focuses on calming the mind and and helping with sleep.

Chronic stress is one of the most pervasive ailments of our society.  Insomnia and anxiety affect millions of people, impacting every aspect of our day-to-day lives.  By addressing the underlying disharmonies of an overworked mind, this formula helps to put you at ease.  

With Ye Jiao Teng, Suan Zao Ren and He Huan Pi as the chief herbs in this formula, we are focused on nourishing the blood and yin of the liver and heart.  Sheng di Huang and Xuan Shen are used with Zhi Zi to clear heat while also nourishing the yin of the kidneys. Mai Men Dong aids in nourishing the yin, while Wu Wei Zi astringes heart qi. Dan Shen is used to move the blood and alleviate stagnation in the chest.

Relief Remedy moves the blood to help alleviate pain.

Cannabinoid oil has been well documented for its efficacy in pain management and we have added time-tested Chinese herbs to alleviate aches and pains.  This formula focuses on calming pain and clearing cold wind damp bi in the back and legs by tonifying the kidneys, liver, Qi and blood. May alleviate the symptoms of: fibromyalgia, back or hip pain, leg cramps, back weakness.

Chinese medical theory states that “where there is stagnation there is pain” so we move blood with Yan Hu Suo, Ji Xue Teng and Bai Shao. We also nourish the blood and yin with both Sheng di and Shu di and Sang Ji Sheng, and strengthen the kidneys and low back with Du Zhong, Xu Duan and Gu Sui Bu.  Gan Cao and Huang Qi help balance the formula and boost the Qi.

Revive helps boost the qi (and it sure does help me after sleepless nights).

Overwhelmed by chronic stress, many of us have been left exhausted and overworked.  This formula supports what Chinese medicine considers Qi deficiency. May help with symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, adrenal fatigue, immune deficiency, chronic stress syndrome, etc.

By nourishing the kidneys and the spleen we can help you support the righteous qi, nourish the blood and strengthen the yin and yang of the body.  Ginseng pairs with other tonic herbs (Ba Ji Tian, Ci Wu Jia, Huang Jing, Du Zhong and Shu Di) to support the qi and Chen Pi, Fu Shen and Bai Zhu to support the spleen.  

Remy’s Revenge focuses on wind disorders (typically any form of tremor or convulsion)—this formula is my dream—to help the other families going through what I’m going through, to help those desperately looking for help but only finding more questions.

This formula was created to alleviate what Chinese Medicine considers “wind disorders.”  Wind (often seen as tremors, seizures, neurological disharmony or dizziness) are caused by many different sources. This formula works to clear wind, nourish the kidneys (specifically kidney yin), clear heat, resolve damp and anchor the spirit.  

Shi Jue Ming, Tian Ma and Gou Teng work to stop the wind, while Mai Men Dong, Sheng Di and Nu Zhen Zi nourish the yin.  Xiang fu, Bai Shao and Dan Shen move the blood and stagnation. Zhi Zi and Huang Lian clear heat from all three burners and Fu Shen and Tian Zhu Huang clear phlegm.

Complete Spectrum tincture doesn’t have any Chinese herbs in it but does have all of the amazing benefits of our beautifully tended hemp.

This is our “pure plant” formulation.  We use the highest quality hemp on the market and cutting-edge spagyric formulation in order to provide all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, phytochemicals and micronutrients.  This formulation is our base product and great for those concerned about Chinese Herbs interacting with their medications—or those just looking for a powerful daily tonic.

Relief Remedy Balm (Topical) helps ease aches and pains and warms the channels.

By combining powerful herbs to move the blood (Tao Ren, Mo Yao, Ru Xiang, Hong Hua) with herbs to warm the channels and alleviate pain (Gui Zhi, Xi Xin and Chuan Jiao).  Bai Zhi and Zhang Nao automatically open the channels and Sheng Di and du huo nourish the kidneys.


I could not be more excited to share these products with the world and hope that you love them every bit as much as I do.

Oh, and I should add, my Remy is loving his formula.  He is sleeping much better and his seizures and tremors have drastically decreased.  He remains the happiest human I know (most days) and the most wonderful blessing I ever could have hoped for.

Chloe Weber L.Ac, MSOM