Testimonial – LuZa CBD Cream & Oil

Barry from North Carolina wrote in to us:

I began using the CBD cream(s) back in August of 2017.   Both my rotator cuffs are badly torn from poor weight lifting technique.    I also have arthritis and bone spurs in both shoulders (among other places, I am 72 years old).  I began using CBD Creams upon the recommendation of a friend and it has worked wonders in symptomatic relief.   My mobility has increased significantly as has my range of motion.  The doctors want to replace my shoulders with something from China. I don’t.

I began using the LuZa CBD Oil, 250mg about three months ago. It just seemed like a good idea at the time, given the wondrous effectiveness of the cream.

But this story is about my wife.   She has sensitive skin and the skin under her nostril cracked during a really cold, dry spell we had in the Winter of 2016-17.   She tried everything such as  A-D ointment, Vaseline, antibiotic creams and more.   Each time it would begin to heal and then the crack would reopen.  This had been going on continuously for 15+ months.   She was in constant pain and at her wits end.   She was ready to have a doctor cauterize it.

As a last ditch effort, she put a drop of LuZa CBD oil 250mg on the cracked skin one evening, and in the morning it had begun to heal.   No big thing.   She continued to apply it for about five days and it totally healed.   This was in February which is the coldest part of the winter and still the wound has not reopened.

She was healed by the CBD Oil when nothing else worked.

Both the LuZa  Pain Cream and LuZa CBD Oil have my highest and fullest endorsement.

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