Webinar Summary: Strategies for Weathering the Storm of the COVID-19 Pandemic that DO NOT include Telemedicine


In April we hosted Dr. East Phillips, DAOM, L.Ac. and Carl Schwartz, Chief Customer Office at Lhasa OMS for our FREE webinar, Strategies for Weathering the Storm of the COVID-19 Pandemic that DO NOT include Telemedicine.

In this one-hour webinar, our experts will discuss many ideas that include low-cost or free options to help practitioners who are not interested in practicing telemedicine or would like to try some new options while offices are closed and business is slow.




(PLEASE NOTE:  At the time of recording and sharing all of these resources were free.  That may have changed by the time you are reading this.)


What You Will Learn:

  • Several ideas on business activities to do while practices are closed or slow
  • Strategies for generating revenue without a physical practice or offering telemedicine services
  • Ways to keep in contact with patients during this time
  • How to get new patients without your practice being physically open
  • Free resources available to you today to increase your knowledge about marketing
  • Free resources available to increase your knowledge about growing a small business
  • Free resources to feed your mind

Who Should Watch:

  • All practitioners and students
  • Practitioners who are not interested in practicing Telemedicine
  • Practitioners that are looking for new marketing strategies and resources

About our Speakers:

Dr. East Phillips, DAOM, L.Ac.

With a commitment to helping others actualize their greatest potential and well-being, Dr. East has been a licensed acupuncturist since 1999 and professor of Chinese Medicine at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine since 2004.  Specializing in MIE: Motivation Inspiration and Encouragement, Dr. East helps practitioners of alternative medicine align with their three P’s: Purpose, Passion, and Prosperity. In 2019 she published the book, More Than a Treatment which held the Amazon bestseller’s list in Practice Management for several weeks.  She currently resides in Del Mar, CA with her husband and two kids and continues to help patients, students, other practitioners and the general public with her lectures, workshops, books, events, coaching programs, and wellness related products.

Visit https://doctoreast.com/ for more information.

Carl Schwartz, Chief Customer Officer at Lhasa OMS

For over 20 years, Carl Schwartz, has been helping businesses (small and large) identify, attract, connect with and retain customers. He has specifically concentrated on using digital marketing to help businesses shape their narrative and connect with their customers. As Lhasa OMS’ Chief Customer Officer, Carl ensures that we continue to provide support for the acupuncture industry and acupuncturists wherever possible.

Watch our previously recorded FREE webinar, Digital Marketing Primer for Acupuncture Practices. https://blog.lhasaoms.com/featured/webinar-summary-digital-marketing-primer-for-acupuncture-practices-featuring-carl-schwartz/