EarSeeds.com, Sparking a Wellness Revolution: A Conversation with Tova & Elie Goldschmidt, Founders of EarSeeds.com

The inception of EarSeeds.com, an extraordinary venture in the realm of holistic health, bears a story rich with inspiration and commitment. Elie Goldschmidt, the visionary founder, embarked on this mission to empower practitioners and patients alike, unraveling the potential of auriculotherapy and sparking a wellness revolution.

The Beginning of EarSeeds.com

In 2006, shortly after tying the knot, Elie ventured into the herbal industry as a sales representative catering to acupuncturists. This endeavor unveiled a startling truth – many licensed acupuncturists struggled to foster their practices and earn due recognition. Driven by empathy and determination, Elie established several small businesses to address this issue. These included The TCM Directory, an online haven for acupuncturists, Try Acupuncture, a quarterly printed publication explaining acupuncture’s benefits, and even services like website building and SEO tailored for acupuncturists.

A pivotal moment arrived when Elie injured his back while shoveling snow. He turned to ear seeds, a little-known modality, to alleviate the pain. The revelation struck – here was an opportunity to create resellable ear seed products, unlocking a powerful yet underutilized healing method. Seeking assistance, he turned to his wife Tova, a seasoned product designer.

Tova, with two decades of product-design experience in the NYC fashion industry, immediately knew that to make people see the beauty of the modality, the product itself had to be beautiful and easy to understand…also, sparkles help. This marked the birth of EarSeeds.com, starting from their home’s spare bedroom with a shoestring budget and two infants to care for. In 2014, the journey commenced with an email to Elie’s existing network of acupuncturist connections, heralding the beginning of something significant.

Created by an Acupuncturist with a Concentration on Auricular Therapy

Elie, a licensed acupuncturist himself, chose to emphasize auricular therapy due to its profound impact and his knowledge that ear seeds work. He believes that auriculotherapy is incredibly powerful and complex but even with minimal (but accurate) knowledge, one can obtain mind-blowing results. Their efficacy was (and still is) underestimated by many practitioners and he envisioned creating a kit that practitioners could offer to their patients, generating revenue and facilitating treatment maintenance between appointments. Kits were created to help relieve a variety of common conditions, such as anxiety, stress, weight loss, fertility, and many more. The Multi-Condition Reference Kit encompasses a magnitude of differing conditions and teaches proper ear seed placement for each. These kits contain an ear chart showing auriculotherapy points that are believed to correspond to regions of the body associated with each ailment/condition, as well as the ear seeds and tweezers, making them easy to use by practitioner and patient. 

EarSeeds.com vs the Competition

What sets EarSeeds.com’s products and EarSeeds.com as a business apart from competitors is their practitioner-centric ethos. The business was built by and for practitioners, therefore the brand’s core values revolve around education and expert care. Their education partner, ThriveEarSeeds.com, also founded with classes taught by Elie, offers comprehensive training. Accuracy is paramount, as flawed charts lead to subpar results, tarnishing the modality’s reputation. EarSeeds.com’s product assortment caters to diverse practitioner needs, from in-clinic services to retail sales, all supplemented by marketing materials to help educate clients on ear seeds and beautiful clinic posters inviting clients to ask about ear seeds instead of having to be faced with an awkward hard-sell. As the graphic artist and product designer behind every product EarSeeds.com produces, Tova ensures pin-point accuracy and Elie ensures expert point selection. Their products are designed, printed, and packaged in their Las Vegas office. Though they don’t frequently talk about it, as a business, they regularly donate ear seeds to community events, veteran’s programs, addiction clinics and social justice causes in our communities.  

Lhasa OMS & EarSeeds.com – a Perfect Partnership

Selling directly to practitioners via Lhasa OMS holds importance as optimal auriculotherapy results are achieved under the care of a trained practitioner. Whether clients are just receiving treatments in-clinic or bringing home products for self-care maintenance, compliance and results are at their peak when they are under the care of a trained practitioner. 

Patients’ common motivations for embracing EarSeeds.com’s products include stress relief, headache management, pain reduction, and weight loss.

Practitioners play a pivotal role in enlightening patients about ear seeds, here are the Top 5 aspects of ear seeds that should be passed along from practitioner to patient:

  • Ear seeds are a powerful and affordable way to stimulate your health and create homeostasis in the body.
  • The principles of ear seeds are rooted in the science of the nerve endings that live on the ear, while Chinese Medicine has adopted the modality. 
  • While ear seeds are easy to use following charts, a fully trained practitioner is able to get far better and more customized results – especially for more complex or overlapping issues. 
  • A trained practitioner is actually able to “read” the ear, identifying imbalances, injuries, pain and internal concerns just by “looking” at the ear. 
  • Ear seeds *can* sometimes be a one-and-done treatment, but most likely, you’ll get the best results with ongoing care, especially for chronic issues.

Common Misconceptions Around Ear Seeds

Misconceptions surrounding ear seeds, such as labeling it as ‘fake’, ‘placebo’ or ‘woo-woo’ spiritual concepts, are countered through education on nerve endings. Auriculotherapy is rooted in Western Medicine – from France – based on the system of nerve endings on the ear and not meridians as in TCM, because there are no meridians on the ear. 

The brand has always been driven by the goal to bring ear seeds and auriculotherapy into the common vernacular, making them household names, demystifying the modality’s potential. They’ve come a long way since starting the business and will continue to do so.  

Innovation for EarSeeds.com

Crystal ear seeds, a personal favorite of Elie & Tova, exemplify beauty and efficacy. They have seen them work as an invitation to people who wouldn’t otherwise be interested in trying ear seeds. They want them because they’re beautiful, but they fall in love with them because they help mitigate their pain, stress and headaches. Over the past 18 months, due to inventory demands, EarSeeds.com had to find overseas suppliers for their crystal ear seeds because having local artisans meticulously hand-embellishing them in the US, as they had done for the first 7 years of business, became cost-prohibitive and they couldn’t keep up with demand.

However, over the past 12 months, they’ve invented an exclusive, proprietary process that allows them to once-again offer their customer-favorite “black-strip” 24K Gold ear seeds, hand-embellished right here in the U.S.! With this new process they will be able to offer the same high quality ear seeds without increasing the price, despite them still being hand-made in the U.S.

EarSeeds.com, a family-run endeavor, is dedicated to amplifying the potential of auriculotherapy through practitioner empowerment. With luxury products and comprehensive training, it aspires to provide a transformative ear seeds experience.

In essence, the EarSeeds.com saga is a testament to compassion, innovation, and perseverance, propelling the modality of auriculotherapy to new heights of wellness and awareness.


Lhasa OMS is proud to offer EarSeeds.com products and we invite you to visit our vast selection.