Partner Announcement :: Continuing Education with Dr. Rekha Lund


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💻 Computer Overuse Syndrome: Exercise Recommendations & Ergonomics for Neck/Shoulder Pain💻

Date:  Saturday, June 5, 2021

Time:  8:30 AM – 5:30 PM PT

Teacher:  Dr. Rekha Lund, DAOM, MPT, Dipl. O.M., LAc

CEUS/PDAS:  8 NCCAOM PDAs & CA CEUs (approved)

Cost:  $199

*Sign up before May 22, 2021 and receive a free foam roller and exercise band.  Due to Memorial Day, there is no guarantee of arrival before the class.   Excludes shipments outside of the United States.

Location:  Online




What You Will Learn:

  1. Learn anatomy of neck and shoulder region as it relates to posture at the computer
  2. Understand basic function of neck/shoulder muscles as it relates to sitting posture
  3. Learn how faulty posture during computer use causes neck and shoulder pain
  4. Understand different types of faulty postures, how each causes different problems
  5. Learn ideal ergonomic position to reduce neck and shoulder pain
  6. Learn what “computer overuse syndrome” is-pain in neck and shoulder due to poor posture, poor endurance, overuse of computer in a faulty position
  7. Learn exercise recommendations that can be taught to patients to improve posture to reduce neck and shoulder pain due to computer overuse
  8. Learn how sustained faulty posturing at the computer can lead to other problems such as TMJ syndrome, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, epicondylitis, and other wrist and forearm problems.
  9. Learn acupuncture points as it relates to computer overuse syndrome




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