Industry Event: Advanced Auriculotherapy & Auriculomedicine with Dr. Raphael Nogier October 11-13

Advanced Auriculotherapy & Auriculomedicine

Instructor:  Dr. Raphael Nogier

Where:  Rockville, MD (hosted by Johns Hopkins University)

When:  October 11-13, 2018



We are pleased to announce the return of Dr. Raphael Nogier of Lyon, France to Rockville, Maryland.  Dr. Nogier is the son of Paul Nogier, M.D., the inventor of auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture).  This 3 day seminar will cover advanced auriculotherapy and auriculomedicine.  The morning session of the seminar is didactic while the afternoon includes clinical hands on demonstrations.



Who Should Attend:

Licensed Acupuncturists and Physicians looking to expand your knowledge of auricular medicine.   This seminar is also great for new graduates who want to learn more about one of the most powerful forms of medicine available that can complement any acupuncture treatment.


About Dr. Nogier:

Dr. Nogier is one of the most sought after teachers in Europe.  In addition to his seminars, Dr. Nogier also trains medical doctors from around the world at the prestigious G.L.E.M in Lyon, France.  He holds a year round two-year program.

His style of teaching is easy to understand and to learn.  Even if you know nothing about auricular therapy (ear acupuncture), Dr. Nogier can make you proficient in auricular therapy in no time.  As the son of Dr. Paul Nogier (the father of Auriculotherapy), teaching is in his blood.  He knows this medicine with the totality that less than a handful of people in the world possess.



Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to learn auriculotherapy from one of the founders of this medicine.  You will leave this seminar with an in-depth understanding of how this medicine works and how to apply it in your practice.  Your patients will be forever grateful you chose this seminar!