Webinar Summary: E.A.N. (Electron Adapted Neurotherapy) Protocols That Can Maximize Results In Just 20 Minutes


In October we hosted Dr. Jeremy Steiner, DAOM, MSc for his FREE webinar, E.A.N. (Electron Adapted Neurotherapy) Protocols That Can Maximize Results In Just 20 Minutes.  






About this Webinar:  


In this FREE webinar, Dr. Steiner taught a series of Protocols called E.A.N. (Electron Adapted Neurotherapy) that can deliver game changing results for your patients in a fraction of the time it normally takes. The goal of this webinar is to provide tools that can help your patients experience relief after the first visit, in only 20 minutes.

Especially in today’s world, patients will appreciate getting immediate results with shorter appointment times. Watch this on demand webinar and see how Dr. Steiner’s new E.A.N. (Electron Adapted Neurotherapy) Treatment Protocols can help transform your practice.

What You Will Learn:

  • How E.A.N. (Electron Adapted Neurotherapy) turns spinal nerves into the ultimate internal organ healers that can help modulate or possibly reverse the toughest diseases
  • How E.A.N. protocols combine cutting edge German Medical neural therapy with electrons to create a powerful medical treatment system
  • Simple protocols that reduce or even eliminate pain & inflammation anywhere in the body without having to treat any body points outside of the spine
  • Review of Case studies

Who Should Watch:

  • Practitioners and Students looking to learn more about electro-acupuncture medicine
  • Practitioners and Students who are interested in learning about new protocols created by Dr. Steiner
  • Practitioners and Students looking to add to their Treatment Tool Box




About Our Speaker:

Dr. Jeremy B. Steiner, DAOM, MSc, is a scientist, acupuncturist, traditional medicine practitioner, teacher, clinical supervisor, and founder of Electro-Acupuncture Medicine (EAM). Licensed to practice acupuncture and traditional medicine in NJ and FL. He has successfully and safely given more than 60,000 treatments, of which a significant number were in the treatment of the most severe disorders such as paralysis, and non responsive pain disorders.

Check Out Dr. Steiner’s Live and Recorded Classes Here https://electro-acupuncturemedicine.com/