Give Back: Acupuncturists Without Borders – California Border Project


Since January 2019, Acupuncturists Without Borders (AWB) has been working at the US-Mexico border to bring trauma healing treatments to migrating people and community volunteers. This work began in Texas, and has expanded to California, where AWB volunteers have taken two week-long service trips since August, 2019. Treating hundreds of people; asylum seekers and refugees who face devastating living conditions, legal challenges, and health problems, as well as community activists and health practitioners who often suffer from secondary trauma due to their tireless and supportive work.

AWB is working with the Refugee Health Alliance in Tijuana, as well as local migrant support organizations in Southern California. We offer direct service (acupuncture, herbal medicine, body work) and are training local practitioners, to expand services and access for thousands of people who need help with physical and emotional pain.

AWB’s goal is to train enough practitioners to provide weekly trauma-reduction acupuncture services in Southern CA-Tijuana locations within the next year.


Watch the video below to see what AWB and its’ volunteers are doing to support people in need at the US-Mexico Border.