Give Back: Crossroads Community Supported Healthcare


Crossroads Community Supported Healthcare offers support for humanitarian aid projects, both locally in the borderlands, and in Latin America, in response to violence, poverty, and human rights abuses.

The acupuncture-based programs that Crossroads has been a part of include the disaster response in the aftermath of the 2019 El Paso mass shooting, the current migrant caravan and refugee situation in the US/Mexico Border Region, Flores de Juarez in response to violence in Mexico, Promotores Descalzos in Nicaragua, and Indigenous community health projects in the Sierra Tarahumara region of Mexico, and Coban, Guatemala.

With a vision of helping communities in the Americas become more resilient to responding to their own healthcare problems, Crossroads has trained over 200 health workers and health promoters in acupuncture techniques in Mexico, Central America and the US/Mexico border region since 2011. To help these community workers to establish and sustain free community clinics which offer care for migrants, the homeless, survivors of violence and trauma, and other underserved populations in the borderlands.

Watch this video from 2011 when they began their relief work.

Crossroads is currently exploring how the community supported healthcare model  can be of support for humanitarian efforts currently addressing the root causes of migration in Guatemala and Nicaragua.

In collaboration with local groups in Nicaragua in 2019, Crossroads launched a new health promotion school, training local community workers operating in places where severe health disparities are prevalent. The goal is to replicate the model in Nicaragua, and help these local community to establish and sustain health services for people in rural and urban areas affected by trauma.

This work is only possible through donations.  Consider making a tax-deductible donation to this project in Nicaragua, through their GoFund Me Campaign.