Qiological Podcast Series – Listen in, Join the discussion & Share your perspective – Michael Max

We (Lhasa OMS) are a proud sponsor of Michael Max’s podcast series Qiological, which is specifically for practitioners of East Asian Medicine.

In his own words, “It’s a place to come to with questions and an inquiring mind. Hopefully an opportunity to expand our understanding in ways that help us to better help our patients. Listen in, join the discussion, and share your perspective.”

Publish Date Title Featured Guest Link
11/6/18 Group discussion: Clinical Questions About Sa’am Acupuncture Toby Daly and Guests Listen Now
10/30/18 Focusing on the Basics: Treating Degenerative Eye Conditions With Chinese Medicine Paul Nebauer Listen Now
10/23/18 A Historical Investigation of Constraint Eric Karchmer Listen Now
10/16/18 Nei Jing Perspective on Life, the Universe and Acupuncture Ed Neal Listen Now
10/9/18 Investigating Errors and Adverse Effects – Grist for the Mill of Practice Daniel Schulman Listen Now
10/2/18 Herbs: history, identification, granules and manufacturing Eric Brand Listen Now
9/25/18 “Why doesn’t this work” is a good place to start – the unending cycle of learning and practice Stuart Kutchins Listen Now
9/18/18 Upper, Middle and Lower Class Herbs: An Investigation of Resonance Andrew Nugent-Head Listen Now
9/11/18 Attending to the Flow: Attention and Needle Technique Justin Phillips Listen Now
9/4/18 Conversing with the body-mind: using words to get beyond words Nick Pole Listen Now
8/21/18 The Power of Chinese Medicine in Treating PCOS Farrar Duro Listen Now
8/21/18 Investigation of Dreams in East Asian Medicine Bob Quinn Listen Now
8/14/18 Saam – The Acupuncture of Wandering Monks Toby Daly Listen Now
8/07/18 Trigger Points: An Investigation of Dry Needling, Intra-Muscular Therapy and Acupuncture Josh Lerner Listen Now
7/31/18 The Resonant Hum of Yin and Yang Sabine Wilms Listen Now
7/24/18 The Response is the Treatment Dan Bensky Listen Now
7/17/18 Considering Blood Stasis Greg Livingston Listen Now
7/10/18 In The Presence of The Emperor: Chinese Medicine Cardiology Amos Ziv Listen Now
7/03/18 Discussing Jing Fang With Dr. Huang Huang Dr. Huang Huang Listen Now
6/26/18 News, Announcements, and Some Thoughts on Tech Michael Max Listen Now
6/19/18 Listening Like Water: Depth and Connection As Part of The Healing Process Margot Rossi Listen Now
6/09/18 Power of the Matrix: Clinical Application of the Jing Fang Tradition of Hu Xi-Shu & Feng Shi-Lun Frances Turner Listen Now
6/05/18 Focused Light: Using Lasers in the Acupuncture Clinic Jim Sullivan Listen Now
5/29/18 Finding The Way Through: Treating Psycho-Social Trauma With Acupuncture Will Morris Listen Now
5/15/18 Hand Crafted Medicine: a shiatsu practitioner’s perspective on the channels and points Winter Jade Listen Now
5/01/18 Treating Children Through The Five Elements Robin Ray Green Listen Now
4/17/18 Research methods for East Asian medicine practitioners Lisa Taylor-Swanson Listen Now
4/03/18 Vitality, Attention, & Sensing: Learning to Listen in Stillness Chip Chase Listen Now
3/20/18 A Gap and An Opportunity: Using acupuncture and Chinese medicine in the military Jennifer Williams Listen Now
3/06/18 Applied Channel Theory: The Clinical Brilliance of Dr. Wang Ju-Yi Jason Robertson Listen Now
2/20/18 CBD From The Perspective of Chinese Medicine Chad Conner Listen Now
2/06/18 Thoughts on Business from a New Practitioner Stacey Whitcomb Listen Now
1/23/18 Clarifying Vision: Using acupuncture to treat degenerative eye disease Mats Sexton Listen Now
1/09/18 A man out standing in the field of Chinese herbs: a conversation with Andy Ellis Andy Ellis Listen Now
1/02/18 I never planned to host a podcast show: one of many curiosities on the road of practicing Chinese medicine Michael Max Listen Now