In The News: Governor Signs Acupuncture Legislation in Michigan ?

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December 4, 2019

Governor Signs Acupuncture Legislation to Aid Michigan Residents & Increase Availability

Lansing, Michigan  December 4, 2019     Today, Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed legislation to license acupuncturists here in Michigan. This legislation will make acupuncture more available to residents, protect the public, and provide consistent standards of training and certification.  Michigan becomes the 47th State in the Union to license acupuncture. The bill, championed by State Representative Bronna Kahle, received strong bipartisan support in both the House and Senate.

Many Michiganders already benefit from acupuncture to relieve pain, reduce stress, and improve overall health. It is one of the fastest growing healthcare professions according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. By providing a license to acupuncturists, residents of Michigan gain a safe, effective, and more consistent treatment from professionally educated and trained acupuncturists.   With the passage of this legislation, Michigan will now be more likely to attract more acupuncture professionals, as our state currently lags behind neighboring states in the number of professionals serving the growing consumer demand.

Acupuncture provides a safe alternative to chronic pain relief. Its licensing and wider availability to consumers should help reduce opioid abuse over time.  Licensed Acupuncturists are recognized by the Veterans Administration (VA) as a health care profession that offers non-opioid pain management. “ Veterans are one of the populations most in need of effective alternatives to opioids, and even though the VA is paying for acupuncture now, Veterans often have to drive for several hours to see an acupuncturist who meets the VA’s qualification standards ” states Henry Buchtel, Legislative Committee Chair. Michigan Society of Acupuncturists ( MiSA).

“ The signing of this bill represents a major step forward for the acupuncture health profession” says Kristin Swann, President of MiSA. “We anticipate a wider and more consistent offering of our professional services statewide. More patients will discover and partake in acupuncture, as they receive a safe and proven treatment of pain, and add acupuncture to their overall portfolio of wellness options. We appreciate the wide support received from our elected officials and that of Governor Whitmer.”

The  Michigan Society of Acupuncturists (MiSA) is a professional association of trained and experienced acupuncturists and practitioners of East Asian medicine, committed to providing the best care to keep patients balanced, healthy, and strong. The organization supports its members by sponsoring and announcing continuing education events in the field and by working to advance the acupuncture health profession in the state.

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