Lhasa OMS Approach to Sourcing PPE

As the country and individual states begin the process of re-opening after COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders swept the U.S., Lhasa OMS is committed to ensuring practitioners are as prepared and safe as possible.

Frequently consulting with ASA, CCAOM, and numerous state associations, Lhasa OMS is working throughout the day leaving no stone unturned to find trusted suppliers of PPE, sanitizer, and other in-demand products. Just as we have done for over 40 years with acupuncture needles, herbal formulas, and every other product we sell, we instituted a multi-phase process to ensure the products we sell are the highest quality possible from reputable sources.


A global shortage remains for the most in-demand products such as face masks, gloves, sanitizers, face shields, and other PPE. As a result, the FDA issued several Emergency Use Authorizations (EAUs) allowing for the increased importation and sale of PPE from China. We are working with many partners to source the supplies U.S. practitioners need. Some are partners we have worked with in the past, some are new to Lhasa OMS but have gone through our very stringent vetting process. 

List of FDA-approved Manufacturers

FDA Q&A Regarding PPE

One of the steps we go through is to ensure every supplier or manufacturer is FDA-approved and can produce proper CE-certification. Lhasa OMS greatly expanded our partner network to ensure we could continue to support practitioners during these challenging times. Sourcing N95 masks are close to impossible at this time as the federal government continues to seize inbound shipments for federal use. This led the FDA to approve the use of KN95 masks that are manufactured in China.

Recently, the FDA removed 65 manufacturers from the approval list, pending verified third-party testing. Our primary KN95 mask manufacturer has supplied certification and successfully passed filtration standards via third-party testing.


KN95 Mask Manufacturer Certification


KN95 3rd Party Test Results



KN95 masks are not NIOSH-approved first and foremost. They are, however, FDA-approved and CE-certified. These masks are not as effective as N95 masks in particulate matter filtration, but they are endorsed as more effective than simple face coverings such as bandanas and scarves.

There are increasing reports that counterfeit masks are entering the U.S. market. Lhasa OMS would like to assure you that we are being as diligent as possible to verify the authenticity of the product we sell. Practitioner and patient health, safety, and wellness is always our first priority.


Due to continued product demand and limited availability, prices on face masks continue to be volatile. We are leveraging our relationships (some long-standing and some new) to decrease prices as much as possible. This is why you may see different prices and quantity amounts available for sale. As we source PPE from different suppliers, the price will fluctuate depending on the price at which we are able to purchase. This is another reason we are not able to offer discounts on PPE at this time. Any promotional offers will exclude PPE until supply lines can normalize.

We know that other suppliers (including Amazon.com) may be offering PPE for a slightly lower cost. Our counsel is to purchase from a trusted partner that can verify the source of the equipment and will continue to support you through these challenging times.

We are here for you. Whether it is sourcing products you need, when you need them, connecting you to the best educators in our industry, or continuing to provide the best customer service in the industry, we are doing all we can to help you stay safe and re-open for your patients.

If you have specific requests, please contact our Customer Care team at 800-722-8775 or info@lhasaoms.com. We will do all we can to support you.