WATCH: Hospitals and Acupuncturists working together to Improve Quality of Life

Get a firsthand look at how hospitals and acupuncturists can work together to improve the quality of life and care for young cancer patients

For Brain Cancer Awareness Month, the Acupuncture Now Foundation (ANF) and director Doug Dearth are proud to release the first episode of “Getting to the Point.”

In this video you will see how Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC), uses “integrated healthcare” which allows doctors to prescribe Chinese Medicine to patients.  This video features interviews with the parents of two young children who were diagnosed with brain cancer and received acupuncture/Chinese medicine services from Licensed Acupuncturist Ruth McCarty both within the hospital and at her clinic.

The parents tell of the shock of having their “normal, healthy child” suddenly undergoing emergency surgery and the grueling recovery that followed. You will learn how their children’s quality of life was helped tremendously by acupuncture and related therapies in easing their fatigue, nausea and pain especially through the process of 18 months of chemotherapy.

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