Product in Practice :: Vaccaria Ear Seeds

We find ear seeds are useful for many conditions, including helping the nervous system to relax, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, attention deficit, pain, and more. Ear seeds are very flexible and can be used in a variety of situations where there is not the opportunity to do needles, or where a practitioner has determined that the ongoing nature of the ear seed treatment would be especially beneficial to a client. Ear seeds are also great for those who are very sensitive to needles, people who don’t like needles, or people who are scared of needles. Additionally, they are great for people who are quite fragile, and also for elderly and children. We love the ear seeds for their flexibility, the fact that they are so comfortable for the patient, they are easy to use and easily transported, and so effective at treating many conditions.

Acupuncture Without Borders (AWB) volunteers were treating at a disaster site in Missouri some years ago. I will never forget the story about a young boy who was autistic, who was very traumatized by the recent tornado that destroyed much of the town. In general he was touch-aversive and wouldn’t talk. He received some ear seeds.   A few days later he and his mom came back, and his mom asked what we had put on the seeds!  Her son was touching people and talking profusely!

Carla Cassler, Associate Director of AWB, DAOM, LA.c.