Webinar Summary: How Hemp CBD Products Changed My Practice featuring Clare O’Nan


In August, we hosted  Clare O’Nan, L.Ac. from Thrive Health &  Southern Hemp Distributors to discuss how Hemp based CBD products changed her practice, virtually overnight.





GUEST SPEAKER:   Clare O’Nan, L.Ac.



With years of experience incorporating CBD successfully, Clare shares some helpful tips on what has worked well for her. From recommended products and dosing to how she educates her patients, this webinar will provide you with great information to help those with all levels of experience using CBD.

In this webinar, Clare discusses:

  • Why she decided to incorporate CBD into her practice and treatments
  • How CBD has improved her patient outcomes
  • How CBD has improved her practice health and increased revenue
  • How she incorporates CBD into her treatments and suggested dosing


Who Should Watch:

  • Practitioners and Students looking to learn more about CBD
  • Practitioners and Students with questions on how to incorporate CBD into treatments
  • Practitioners with difficult patient cases looking for more treatment options




About Our Speaker:

Clare O’Nan, L.Ac., has been practicing acupuncture since 2002 and has worked in Washington, Colorado, Israel, and now currently in Mississippi. Her experiences included private practice and hospital work, as well as work in medical clinics and community clinics. She has also done volunteer work in jails and addiction centers in both the United States and Israel. In Israel, she helped establish Israel’s first nonprofit acupuncture clinic for the treatment of heroin addiction. Clare is now co-owner and founder of Thrive Health Acupuncture, Inc., in Starkville, MS since 2012 and serves both local community members and patients from Louisiana, Alabama, and Tennessee.

Clare has been instrumental in forging a path for the CBD industry in Northern Mississippi. She is extremely passionate and educated about CBD and has taught many community leaders and medical practitioners about the medicinal use of CBD. Her clinic leads the market in Mississippi in terms of sales, primarily because of the education they offer their clients with every single purchase. Clare is particularly interested in how acupuncture and CBD work together to promote a healthy Endocannabinoid System and has noted remarkable effects among her patient population when combining the two.

Clare and her wife, Meagan, also run Southern Hemp Distributors, Inc., Mississippi’s first hemp/CBD-specific distributorship, which focuses primarily on educating medical and healthcare markets. Their approach to marketing has been unique and effective: no new client is accepted until they have undergone extensive training in CBD. This approach has allowed Southern Hemp Distributors to gain and maintain a reputation for excellence in education in the industry both locally and regionally and has caused an organic growth that is unprecedented in the region.