Product in Practice :: SEIRIN Pyonex Press Needles – Pediatric Use

When I was first introduced to the SEIRIN Pyonex Singles, my first thought was “what am I going to do with these?”.  When I watched Kiiko Matsumoto use them with such great success, I started incorporating them into my own practice and at the hospital where I work.

I have found the SEIRIN Pyonex Singles to be especially useful when treating my pediatric cases for pain management and constipation. I see a lot of children who are non-verbal with conditions such as cerebral palsy. I do not feel comfortable treating them with needles since they cannot tell me when it hurts.

The .3mm Orange Pyonex Singles allow me to needle children without causing pain and gives me the ability to send them home with the needles in, to extend the treatment for a few more days. The feedback I receive from the parents is inspiring and one of the many reasons this is the only product I would feel comfortable sending my patients home with. I look at the Pyonex Singles as training wheels to help re-educate the body.

Practitioner: Monika Kobylecka, L.Ac.


How to Apply SEIRIN Pyonex Singles