Product in Practice :: E-Stim II & E-Stim III

My practice is focused on keeping athletes and active people doing what they love. For some of my patients that means regular maintenance visits, but mostly my practice is full of people who have suffered an injury and are not able to participate in their chosen activity.

With injuries being the main focus of my practice. I use E-Stim a lot. I tend to have a very simple approach to E-Stim and do not need a machine with a lot of bells and whistles. I typically use milli or microcurrent with continuous 2-12 Hz frequency, with the intensity tuned to where the patient feels it. I know many people do a lot more complex treatments with E-Stim, but this has worked well for my mentor and me over the years.

I use E-Stim for a wide range of injuries, but one of my favorite things to treat are injuries with glute dysfunction as a contributing factor. Maybe the most rewarding is Trochanteric bursitis because the pain can be debilitating and recovery can be so fast. I use the .22x75mm needles into the glute and muscles, then .22×50 needles to surround the bursa (4 needles). I use the E-Stim II machine to run the electrical current across the bursa and to work on the glute muscles. I combine this with a couple distal points, usually, this will include points along the gallbladder channel such as GB34 or GB42. But this will vary depending on the patient.

My needle choice for the distal points are the .20×40 DBC Spring Ten Needles. I am surprised if this does not go away in 1-3 treatments. I also have 3 different offices, two of which have multiple rooms. This could cost me a small fortune to stock all of my treatment rooms with expensive E-Stim machines. I purchased my first E-Stim II 8 years ago when I was trying to start a practice and my large expensive machine stopped working. With limited funds, I went with the inexpensive E-Stim II which I still use that same device in one of my treatment rooms today. I have also stocked the rest of my treatment rooms with E-Stim II devices.

Practitioner: Chad Bong, MS., L.OM, L.MT, CSCS

Product in Practice: E-Stim II & E-Stim III – Dual Channel Milli-Amp / Micro-Current