5 Top Patient Concerns This Spring

We asked practitioners what the top patient complaint is that they are treating this Spring. Below are the top 5 conditions and related products to assist with treatment.

Top 5 Spring Patient Conditions:

1. Allergies – By far the most noted patient condition

     > Check out our blog article on 5 Popular Herbal Formulas to Help Treat Seasonal Allergies

2. Back Pain

     > Take a look at this complete list of popular products used to treat back pain

3. Headaches / Migraines

     > Here’s an easy to take, popular migraine treatment product – Pure Ratios CBD Lozenges 10mg

4. Insomnia

     > From herbal supplements to essential oils, here is a helpful list of products used to treat Insomnia

5. Muscular-Skeletal (spring training)

     > Try our newest needle that is designed with sports therapy in mind  SEIRIN G-type sports therapy acupuncture needle