Allergy Formulas

5 Popular Formulas to Help Treat Seasonal Allergies


In Chinese medicine, we treat people not disorders. Thus, 5 people presenting with allergies in the spring may very well get 5 different formulas

  1. Yu Ping Feng San

Secures the exterior and is used mostly to prevent attacks. Especially effective for kids and those with weak immune systems.

  1.    Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao San

Treats disorders such as runny nose, tearing eyes and headache. It is best for cases that present as wind-cold.

  1.  Xiao Yao San

Allergies that occur in the Spring may be associated with binding depression of liver qi (both Spring and liver are related to the wood phase of the five phases). If that is the case, a formula like Xiao Yao San may be effective.

  1.  Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang

For deficient patients, this formula supplements qi and promotes proper movement of qi (with the clear rising and the turbid descending). A disruption of this qi dynamic is often a paramount cause of allergic reactions.

  1.  Qi Ju Di Huang Wan

If the patient suffers from vacuity of liver and kidney yin and has red, irritated eyes (with excessive lacrimation) this may be a good formula.