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One Herbs Alchemical Chinese Herbal Supplements by Superior Supplements

One Herbs is the fusion of advanced alchemical extraction knowledge combined with the proven effectiveness of Chinese herbal medicine. Bart Beckermann, L.Ac. of Heavenly Well Acupuncture and Warren Kistenbroker, practicing alchemist, biochemist and CEO of Evolved Alchemy combined forces to create a superior Chinese herbal supplement line geared for growth, reliability, exceptional quality, and most importantly – an effective one capsule dose.

What makes these products unique?

By combining the ancient alchemical art of Spagyrics with Chinese herbal medicine, we have created a product potent enough for a one-capsule dose.

One of the biggest problems that practitioners face when practicing Chinese herbal medicine is patient compliance. Who hasn’t had an experience where the patient tries a beautifully crafted custom formula and then decides they don’t want to cook up the herbs, or they can’t stomach the taste. With a granular formula, patients often have the same issue with the taste. You could have the pharmacy encapsulate it, but in order to get a dose that is potent enough to make a difference, the patient has to take 7-10 capsules each time they take the herbs. The patient may decide that they can’t take that many capsules at a time (but to be fair, who can?). The next tool in the herbal tool box are the patent formulas, but there is still the issue of having to take quite a few capsules, tablets, or tea pills.

Now there is another option without the issues of taste or having to take a high quantity of capsules or tablets to achieve a therapeutic dose. One capsule per dose taken with ease.


Our Approach to Spagyrics

Spagyrics was a term coined by Paracelsus in the 1500’s to describe specifically the alchemy of plants. Through mending organic chemistry principles, ancient alchemical techniques and Chinese Herbal Formulations; One Herbs is creating herbal products that combine the soul, spirit and body of the herbs with modern day science. The result is a more potent extract that is also more bioavailable and full spectrum than any alcohol, oil or water based extract.


Our methods include extracting all the water-soluble and oil-soluble compounds from the plant. The leftover mark is then incinerated to release the minerals found within the ash of the plant. By combining the purified minerals from the ash with the extracted compounds, we create new chemicals specific to the plant’s inner chemistry. These new compounds are known as esters and carboxylic acid salts. All of which aid in increasing effectiveness, bioavailability and overall synergy of the herbs.

Since you cannot capture both water-soluble and oil-soluble compounds together at high potencies in a single solvent, One Herbs has developed a method of dehydrating the different polar compounds into finely ground Chinese herbs that match the treatment strategy of the formula as a base. This method enables our supplements to stand out from the rest, combining the oil-soluble and water-soluble compounds together at potencies that would otherwise taste too strong to take orally.

By taking this dehydrated extract and encapsulating it into a vegetarian enteric capsule, we effectively bypass the need to taste the extract at high potencies. The enteric coating also bypasses the stomach, protecting the extract from the stomach acids. In turn, this delivers a dose in one single capsule that you can feel. The fiber also aids in digestion and a timed release of the herbal compounds.

All these concepts synergize together to create One Herbs – Alchemical Supplement Line


Bart: As an herbalist, one of the biggest problems that I have faced when practicing Chinese herbal medicine is patient compliance. Who hasn’t had an experience where the patient tries a beautifully crafted custom formula and then decides they don’t want to cook up the herbs, or they can’t stomach the taste. For patients with sensitive palates, I have had the same issue with granules. I have tried having the pharmacy encapsulate it, but in order to get a dose that is potent enough to make a difference, the patient had to take 7-10 capsules each time they take the herbs. It was too much. However, I don’t blame them, it would be too much for me, too. I’ve had the same issue with patents and tea pills. So, when I tried a couple of Warren’s innovative capsules, I was blown away. He had done it. He had managed to create a one capsule dose that is potent and effective. Right away, I knew we had to do this with Chinese herbs.

Warren: Just to give you a bit about my background, I first was an organic chemist doing chemical synthesis research for my university back in 2011. I originally had a passion for plant chemistry and how our bodies interacted with foods and herbs. As advanced as it was, I started searching for the foundations of chemistry and soon found alchemy and spagyrics.  I made my first spagyric tincture and saw more advanced chemical reactions than anything I had learned in school. (It was a white sage tincture. At first it was green and once I added the minerals back it turned deep purple and changed smell, taste and had a different energetic presence). I was extremely fascinated and I began making more and more single extracts and studying their chemical composition and unique reactions within the plant’s inner chemistry.

For the first time I realized, I was getting chemistry lessons from plants. I felt like I was truly learning what I had been seeking throughout college. I was able to see how plants impacted people, how to enhance their effects and change their chemistry based on only the chemicals found inside the plant. I soon started selling my spagyric creations and getting feedback, trying different alchemical methods and refining my technique. 9 years later, I have created my own extractors, methods and procedures for making high-quality spagyric extracts on a large scale. Largely coming from a chemical background, my journey through alchemy and extraction and reaction methods was met somewhat with ease. Many of the methods I use are advanced methods of chemical synthesis fused with ancient methods of extraction and preservation of heat sensitive compounds by using vacuum, ignition free heating methods and industrial cooling equipment.

Last summer, I developed a method of encapsulating a Spagyric first-order elixir, which is an advanced alchemical preparation. Bart and I knew each other from when Bart was working with Radical Roots. We got along pretty well. Bart tried a couple of the herbal formulations that I had made and was super impressed. With the new method ironed out, we decided to team up and create One Herbs!

Bart: I knew this would be revolutionary for the field of Chinese herbalism. We started by making a few common formulas that would be easy to gauge for research and development – Suan Zao Ren Tang, Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang, and Xiao Yao San. Then we tried them ourselves and gave them to a handful of trusted practitioners. We got some amazing feedback and knew that our concept was sound. One Herbs was officially born. I would like to thank my teacher, Andy Ellis, of Spring Wind Herbs, Inc. He was particularly helpful in the formulation and R&D process. This product line currently consists of the most commonly prescribed classical Chinese herbal formulas. We will continue to expand into additional classical formulas along with more unique and custom formulas.

What Makes One Herbs Different

Warren: The thing that makes One Herbs products so unique is the extraction and formulation process. We use an alchemical extraction technique called ‘Spagyrics’. This method fuses the medicinal extracts of the plant with the purified minerals of the plant’s ash. In doing so, new compounds are created specific to each formula. The history of spagyrics is founded in alchemical philosophy. Spagyrics is based on separation, purification and recombination of the three philosophical principles – Sulphur, Mercury and Salt. This is also known as Soul, Spirit and Body respectively.. These concepts are largely forgotten and removed from today’s way of thinking. If you want to learn more I would recommend reading the works of Jean Dubuis, Manfred Junius and Frater Albertus. You can also find these readings on my website –

The Soul of plants is typically represented by its oil and water soluble components. The Spirit of plants is represented by alcohol (why we still call alcohol ‘spirits’ today). Alcohol is also a solvent that is produced purely from the plant realm. A tincture or alcohol extract is a combination of soul and spirit of the plant. By incinerating the plant and releasing the carbon back to nature (the carbon cycle); the minerals in the leftover plant material (also known as the ‘Body’ of the plant) become purified and water soluble. The minerals are extracted, crystallized and then added back to the alcohol extract completing the reunification process of Soul, Spirit and Body.

The recombined extracts are refluxed in a state of the art alchemical alembic. This concept is known as ‘circulation’ and is meant to mimic the natural currents of the earth incorporating evaporation and condensation. This mechanism drives the reaction between Soul, Spirit and Body and is symbolized by constant death and rebirth. Through this process, the extract is ‘evolved’ into a higher order. Having been purified, recombined and circulated; our products have a deeply grounded energetic presence that is meant to be both subtle and penetrating along with potent physical effects based on preservation and delivery of the medicinal compounds formed. This method and process is otherwise known as a ‘First Order Elixir’ as coined by the early 1900s alchemist, Frater Albertus.

With my company, Evolved Alchemy, I have taken the ‘First-Order Elixir’ method and created a process for encapsulation blending modern medicinal delivery methods with alchemical botanical extraction processes.

This mineral rich – alchemical extract is then infused into a fiber consisting of finely ground herbs chosen for that formula to match the treatment strategy.  The infused herbal fiber contains both the water and oil soluble constituents from the reacted Spagyric preparation. The herbal fiber is then encapsulated into a vegan, acid resistant capsule. The capsule enables the extract to bypass the stomach which increases bioavailability and absorption of the extract through the small intestine.

Since most Chinese herbal supplements consist of pre-decocted water extracts, they are missing many of the potent oil soluble compounds that are found naturally in the plant. On top of that, there are no purified minerals included nor are most supplements on the market encapsulated in a vegan based, acid resistant capsule.

Quality and purity matter to us. That’s why we only source our herbs from Spring Wind Inc. They do the most independent batch testing for every single lot of herbs they carry. They test for pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, heavy metals and aflatoxins and have the COA’s (certificates of analysis) to prove it.

We combine the highest quality Chinese herbs, state of the art alchemical extraction methods, modern day medicinal delivery systems and experienced based chinese herbal formulas. Our mission is to make the patient’s experience of Chinese herbal medicine one of efficacy and ease through a single capsule dose.


Due to the innovative extraction process, One Herbs products are one-capsule servings. Each capsule contains 1000mg of extracted herbal material infused in synergistic herbal fibers, encapsulated in a vegan based; acid resistant capsule.

Our Formulations

Bart: We chose these first 12 formulas because they are well known by practitioners and patients. We have a new formula, Defense Against, coming out soon. It is based on the treatment principles that were used in China during the pandemic. It’s a modification of Yu Ping Feng San with the addition of Pei Lan, Jin Yin Hua, Hu Zhang, Bai Zhi, Jie Geng and Gan Cao. The formula functions to protect and support upright Qi, strengthen the exterior, while transforming turbid dampness, release the exterior, open the nose, and release the lungs.



Bart Beckermann, L.Ac.