Partner Announcement :: Win a Scholarship to Acupuncture Marketing School!


What is Acupuncture Marketing School?

It’s your step-by-step marketing strategy to grow a meaningful, thriving practice.

Acupuncture Marketing School is a pre-recorded, video-based online training. It focuses on effective marketing strategies for acupuncturists who want more patients and more impact in their communities.





Tell me about the scholarship competition!

Founded by acupuncturist and marketing strategist, Michelle Grasek, Acupuncture Marketing School has had over 370 students.

Twice a year, she and her team award two scholarships – one to a practicing acupuncturist and one to an acupuncture student.

This October, they’re thrilled to announce that Unified Practice EHR is sponsoring a third scholarship, so your chances to win are better than ever!

We all know that acupuncture is powerful and has the capacity to changes lives. The goal of Acupuncture Marketing School has always been to help acupuncturists get increased visibility through better marketing so we can broaden the awareness of acupuncture around the world.

Providing these scholarships is an important part of achieving that goal: supporting the acupuncture community, acting on core values, and making high-quality marketing education more widely accessible.

Michelle and her team will be accepting scholarship applications from October 11th through October 14th. It’s a limited time opportunity, so don’t miss it!

Interested in applying for a scholarship to Acupuncture Marketing School?

To learn more and be notified of the next scholarship application period, sign up for the scholarship waitlist here. (

It’s time to build your dream business – one that serves you and your community, and allows you to connect to your higher purpose.

Who teaches Acupuncture Marketing School?

Acupuncture Marketing School is led by Michelle Grasek, acupuncturist, marketing strategist and host of the Acupuncture Marketing School podcast. Her work has been featured on Lhasa OMS, Unified Practice, The Strength of TCM podcast, and many more. Michelle’s mission is to help you simplify your marketing, show up with confidence, and change the world with acupuncture.





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